Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Friends with problems

Over the past year I have had some dear friends who have had some black moments.  Times when they felt depressed, or blocked, or unable to figure out how to reach for a goal, when it all seemed just too difficult.  I can understand their feelings, I guess we all could understand those feelings when we really think about it - but it has troubled me as I thought of ways to try to get them to understand their own worth, and that the fight was worth it all...

I have had black moments, and probably will experience more in the future - we can't protect ourselves against those- they will happen.  The secret is to know the warning signs, and to let those signs signal to you that you need to prepare for the onslaught - because it will happen.

When you reach that brick wall, or that day when you just feel like not getting out of bed, or that day when everything you do just makes you feel worse.  Go with it.  Don't beat yourself up!  At some time in your life, you are allowed to be depressed, or uninspired, or feel like you are a failure (even though deep down, really, you know you aren't!)  That day will pass- trust me.  After that first day of feeling this way - seek out your friends- talk to them--let them know how you feel--I am sure there will be one true friend who will help you - because they are your friend - and they want you to feel better.  If you can't find that friend straight away, make a decision to seek one out from your past--sometimes they are the ones who knew you the best anyway - trust me - there is always someone who cares very much about you.

Just recently I wrote about a memorium to my deceased daughter, Lauren.  It has been a popular blog, and a lot of people have responded to it.  I think one of the reasons that they have, is that although her death is of course very painful to me, I have always chosen to remember the good times, and instances that showed what a wonder she was.  And believe me, she was!!

We are all wonders and we need to celebrate that a lot more.

I celebrate you right now - because you are curious, and you want to interact, and you cared enough to read this simple little blog.  Good on you!  You're doing really well, and I wish you a great day!

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