Monday, May 23, 2011

Jock and my shopping

Jock has always been a curious border collie and as I have stated before, he is definitely a gentleman's gentleman.  In fact, sometimes he can be quite snobbish, and tilt his head at things. 

Today I went into town to finish birthday shopping for Chris who is celebrating another birthday.  We really celebrate them here!  Balloons, gifts, laughter, and the birthday person gets to choose their activities for the day - the rest of us are his servants....unfortunately, this year, with Maddie at university, I am the sole servant..lucky me!

Anyway, back to Jock....I was struggling with packages in the spitting rain to bring them in from the car to the house, when Jock decided that he had to inspect them. Now when Jock wants to do something he just stands in your way--constantly.  So, in the spitting rain, and with wet ground all around, I opened up the main bag and showed him the surprise for Chris' birthday--he was duly impressed.

But then Strap realised that he should also be informed, so he also stepped in front of my progress, and made me show him.  He just stood and smiled at me. 

By this time I was feeling fairly damp, and my shopping bags were doing a good job to hold it all together, but with the boys blessing, I brought the packages inside, and hid them behind closed doors in the spare room.

I toweled myself off, smiled at the boys who were standing at the back door, both with silly grins on their faces then went upstairs to help Chris unpack the groceries I had asked him to bring him, in order to distract him in my birthday quests. 

What I want to know is how do they know what a birthday is, and how did they know that my packages today would be worth looking at - sometimes they just ignore my shopping trips.  I think Jock must be psychic...only thing I can think of at the moment!

Happy Birthday, Chrisco!

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