Sunday, May 15, 2011

A wonderful night

Today is our wedding anniversary. 12 years!  Our friends can't believe it has been that many years so far---for us it is like we have just begun, and yet it feels like we have always been like this.....we have been through so much together - deaths, raising a little girl and life....

So last night we celebrated and went out to a choice restaurant - Delizie- on the banks of the Fitzroy river, and connected to the Dramatic Arts Theatre and Art Gallery in town.  It was like stepping back into a wonderful night in Venice.  The atmosphere was relaxing and romantic, the service was impeccable, and the food had such original and authentic tastes.  We really loved just being us, there.

File:Piazza San Marco with the Basilica, by Canaletto, 1730. Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge.jpg
Gianni De Luca and John Cornwell are the proprietors of Delizie and we had the pleasure of meeting them again last night.  John heads the front of the restaurant during the meal service, and is the most congenial host and a font of information about their food, their background, and the antiques that they have on display.  Gianni, who we had the rare pleasure of meeting after the meals service, and as the night was drawing to a close told us much loved stories of Venice and the 10 years he spent there.  His stories brought back so many memories of the Piazza San Marco and our trip to Venice.  It was a busy place during the day, with merchants, tourists, normal trade, and pigeons--lots of pigeons!  But at night, it was magical! It was peaceful, and softly lit and often there would be music playing and the feeling of stepping back in time. That was my favourite time of all.
We would walk through the Piazza and listen to the soft music in the background, and I would marvel at the difference that was so obvious from the day's atmosphere. 

So last night at Delizie, we were able to feel a bit transported back to a time of peacefulness, good food, good music, and memories which were so special to all of us. 

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