Sunday, March 20, 2011


Yesterday I was lucky enough to save a dragonfly.  It was a great experience for me!  I had opened the deck door, and was greeted by my 'mate' my teenage magpie (one of this season's new born) who always flys down to the deck railing each morning, to ask me what I have planned for his breakfast, (He's a very cheeky bird - I'm trying to teach him to talk, but he just looks at me with intensity at the moment). 

I went back inside to the kitchen, and was beginning to cut up some fruit for my birds - my wild magpies, honey eaters and lorrikeets, when I noticed a small dragonfly throwing itself at the kitchen window, trying to escape.  It had obviously flown in while I had opened the door to the deck and had left it open while I spoke to my magpie friend.

I explained to the dragonfly that it couldn't stay inside, it would eventually die, and that I could help it escape--but it had to trust me...

This went on for a few minutes as I tried to get closer to it at the window.  I tried to encourage it to step onto the back of my hand, which I thought was the most unthreatening position I could use towards the small, delicate creature. But, understandably, it was very shy and kept trying to climb the curtain and hide, or kept hitting the glass with no success. After a few minutes of my gentle urging, and a very quiet, soothing voice, the little dragonfly tentatively stepped onto the top of my hand. I just stood there quietly for a minute, letting it settle, and then very quietly told him/her that I could help and not to worry. I very slowly backed away from the window, and turning towards the open deck door, we walked through the dining room together and eventually stepped outside onto the deck.  I gently laid my hand down on the side deck railing and told my little piece of beautiful nature that it was safe it fly away now.....and off it went!  I felt very happy and connected with my surroundings.  A very nice feeling.

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