Friday, January 7, 2011

It's early morning again

It is early morning, and once again, I think I have gotten up too early, so will be going back to bed for a little bit more snoozing soon.  But I have to admit this is just my favourite time of day!

Squirt is still in her adopted room, (our bottom bathroom!) and I can hear her trying to make everyone wake up--she has my early morning-itis too!  I told her earlier (in a whisper--as tho' she should understand that whispering means to be quiet!) that it is too early to wake everyone else up!  But not sure if she understood the subtlety of that!

The roos are on the front driveway, and the birds are waiting for their early morning 'pick me up!'  Yesterday the younger magpies (this season's crop) flew up to the front deck railing and one of them sat practically next to my elbow as I threw out pieces of banana for them.  I think they are as fascinated by me as much as I am of them!

We have house renovation work to do today - hence my need for more sleep--today we get to refinish decks while I buy varnish and kitchen knobs and other things in town---the not so 'fun stuff'  we keep putting off - but there is a light at the end of this tunnel, and it will be all stations go next week as everyone invades and we get back into action!

What is completed looks great - so makes it all worth while--just a little bit more!

As the Little Tug said:  "I know I can!  I know I can!"

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