Saturday, December 11, 2010

When do you want to do this??

This has been a very exhausting week in our household, the family room downstairs is almost painted and complete.  As it stopped raining on Thursday, I  washed, line dried  and folded the large woollen-blend curtains from there, ready to be re-hung.  A mammoth task!

On Thursday morning this was the general atmosphere here:

Eric, our painter told me that his men would start stripping the wallpaper in the dining/entry area upstairs that morning.

"You're going to do it when?"

"This morning."

 "Like now--as in I need to shift all of the furniture and remove the stuff from everywhere in there?" I queried in a somewhat surprised and frantic tone, thinking how would this happen in a quick manner.

"Yep.  In about an hour".

"An hour? OK.  I had better go get Chris."  (Thinking to myself--oh, yeah, this will need super patience and skill today--little of which my tired mind possessed at that moment.)

Somehow Chris and I made the miracle happen, and the room was ready for the invasion of the strippers---wallpaper style!.

By Friday we were still stepping over wallpaper shreds, and dealing with our driveway bobcat driver who was trying to make our driveway resemble once again a surface that could be driven on---this current rain has not been a friend to us, our track, or the many trucks that have created new and varied ruts everywhere.

We have had the floor tiles delivered, as well as a new rut created.  Our antique chairs have been picked up for re-upholstering, and our front yard looks like a war-zone--with planks for scaffolding laying on the lawns, and the painter's van parked by our entry way, and paint tins and 'things' involving paint scattered like wildflowers in the Springtime (Just not as pretty.)

The radio is blaring music and background noise, and on Friday I escaped to the front deck to have breakfast and think calm thoughts.  New carpet quote for bedrooms is organised, and a laying date in early January has been organised.  Sleep is really wanted, but Chris and I do more building errands, and buy groceries to sustain us all for the next on-slaught.  The wallpaper strippers will be starting their strip act in the bedrooms next, and I just have to stay a jump ahead of them.

I haven't seen the carpet or the top of the large bed in the spare room for over a month now--somehow I need to make those areas clear before next week, so that work can progress in there---just feel like packing myself into one of the boxes and getting some sleep--maybe next year....

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