Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa asked me to write this

In our family I have a strong connection with Santa, who told me he tries to pick a person from each family to act in his place when it comes to putting special surprises in the Christmas stockings and things like that.  He always tells me what he wants me to do, and I always try to comply.  I assume this tradition gets passed on for each family.  In this case, I think he chose my youngest daughter, Madison, as his next contender for the role.  The following little 'story' is in Santa's words (who by the way, is very tired, and deserves a very big rest!).

" I came down the chimney one night in this special home to find a 'Santa' hat on the hearth of the fireplace, with a silly light glowing and twinkling  on its fur covered ball, welcoming me to this home.  The welcoming message next to it was written by a small young girl named Madison.  I smiled, left my presents, drank her cold Milo milk and went on my way.

The next year when I returned to Madison's home, there was a very sad note attached to the same Santa hat, saying that she was very sorry, but somehow, during the Christmas holidays my Santa's hat had stopped twinkling and the light had gone out. I smiled at her innocence and strong belief in me, and left for her instead my own hat, with a note saying that I decided to take the old hat away.

The next year, when I came down the chimney in Madison's home, I noticed that she had left my Santa hat on the hearth, thanking me for the honour of caring for it over the year.  I smiled again, and knew that I had picked a true believer.  She had said to me in her note that while she loved having my hat, and it was very special to her, she would understand if I took it away to keep my head warm.  I put my finger to my nose and just grinned as I read her message, drank her cold Milo, and laughing with a lot of joy, I decided that as she was such a believer, she deserved to be a keeper of my favourite hat, and with that I left.

The next year when I visited Madison's house, I noticed that my old hat was still sitting on the family's hearth with a very big Thank You Note, written by Madison (with the help of her Mum), and it told me how happy and pleased Madison was to have my hat and my trust.  I knew then I had met a special believer!

Madison is now almost 19 years old, and each year when I visit her home, my old hat is still there on the hearth, waiting for me, telling me that she still believes in me.  Bless her, and bless her family!!"

Ho!  Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

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