Friday, December 17, 2010

Renovations and staying alive

All the painters, plasterers, builders, electricians and all involved left me alone today by 11:00 am.  (The painters started today around 7:00 am--usual time for them, but not my favourite get up time!).  It is Friday here--usually a close-early day for painters anyway--so I suddenly had the day to do what I wanted for a I showered, actually styled my hair and put on make-up and remembered what it was like to be a female, and not a worker in plaster,dust and paint, and building materials---it felt good!

I did my only second day of Christmas shopping and had a blast!  I felt good to be out--out of the house and its mess--out of any current building hassles, and just enjoyed people and my interaction with them.  It was fun!!

I had some great chats with seasonal stall holders in the mall, you know the ones.  They come back every year at Christmas and set up their jewellery or gold chain stalls, or candle and scents, etc--anyway it was like  meeting old friends--I was remembered (maybe I'm unforgettable--make note to self).  Anyway, it was great to actually stand and talk about their craft with them and discuss options and business---got small gifts from them--kinda nice--good to see them back!

I went on to somewhat successfully buy what was on my 'List of things to buy for people' list, and came home feeling very exhausted, but happy with myself and my day.  Even though I have been so sidetracked with our renovations, and haven't had much time to spend, as I usually do, devoted to Christmas and its fun--everyone kept commenting on my smile and my happy attitude--saying that if they were in my shoes they would not be as confident that our home would fall into place for Christmas day---but I  have faith in my builder, my painters, my upholsterer (who, by the way has created some very stylish upholstery for our antique dining chairs), my plumber, my electrician and all of the others who have so readily supplied their services to us!  I keep telling them I love them, and work with them as much as possible to make it all easier--I think we all collapse at the end of the day!

Anyway--today was fun for me.  I enjoyed talking with my 'community' and of course, naturally enjoy the infectious happiness of Christmas anyway!

I hope you are enjoying this joyous season as much as I am!

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