Tuesday, December 21, 2010

High Flying Act!

Mid last week our builder, 'Wazza' repaired the woodwork around a windowsill up near the peak of the cathedral ceiling in our living room.  It made a spectacle to watch the assembly of the scaffolding but the actual repair job, which with its dramatic scaffolding build-up, ended up being fairly minimal, and was completed very quickly! 

Click on photo to enlarge
Click on photo to enlarge
Today the painters started work on this large living room.  As this room has these cathedral ceilings, it meant they had to climb and scale this large scaffolding to get to the ceiling area and relevant windows.  It was amazing to watch them move so agilely, but eventually I had to leave the room because my tummy was doing flip flops imagining them working from that height --but they did it! It was so interesting to see them in action, as the room is fairly large, and they were flying through the work, and fresh paint was suddenly appearing on the old tired surfaces. 

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We've all been through these big jobs together, with a lot of mess and disruption, but it seems to be falling into place.  Last week this was what my dining room looked like and yet we still have managed to get it somewhat settled, and have put up our Christmas tree in front of one of the windows.  It has been an interesting renovation experience to go through, and there has needed to be so much team coordination behind the scenes to make sure that everyone was working on the 'same page'.  But tomorrow our re-upholstered antique chairs arrive for the dining room table, (which is currently hiding under an onslaught of 'stuff' that is important, but we don't where to put it...')  We have ordered carpet for the bedrooms, and set a laying date. We have anticipated a tiling date frame for those floor surfaces, and have either already installed the new bathroom vanities, or have them on order.  As long as the main schedule is adhered to we will accomplish this renovation with the least amount of pain--but exhaustion is becoming a common occurrence here. 

But on a bright note, on Friday our new latte coloured lounge suite arrives, to mix in beautifully in our new cream/latte living room.  It is all falling into place at least on this level of the house.  I'll keep you tuned in ...

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