Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Early morning visitors

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Yesterday morning, quite early, I looked out of my kitchen window and this is what I saw.  Even though I have lived with kangaroos in my close environment for all of these years I still get excited when I can see them acting naturally in our environment.  We have been able to develop an area of peace and a refuge on our property, and as a consequence we have been lucky enough to have a lot of wildlife sharing their time with us, including a varied species of parrots and other birds, and kangaroos, occasionally an emu, and other great creatures who stop by on their 'way through'.

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 I love the fact that we have families of kangaroos living on our property and they come and go as they please. This particular gathering was a family consisiting of a male roo, a female and their adolescent 'joey'.   We have noticed that this 'family grouping' exists, and that even grandparents are included.  Great to see the bond that forms!

But my attempt to get some photos disturbed them, as I quietly stood on the front deck with my camera.  They stopped, stood and posed briefly for a short time, (mainly because all of our animals here love having their picture taken!) 

But then, just as quickly they decided it was time to leave this human area, and go further down the paddock area into the bush.

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