Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving - a time of reflection

Many of my American family and friends will be sitting down together on Thursday, 25 November, to celebrate Thanksgiving, an American tradition.  A time for giving thanks for what you have received in your life and a time to appreciate your family and those loved ones in your life (at least, that is what it always meant to me.)

In Australia, we don't have that tradition, probably due to the fact that we weren't rescued as pilgrims by friendly native Indians, showing us how to survive in the harsh environment at that time and sharing their supplies with us that first harsh Winter.---although I'm sure the Aborigines could have and probably did help early settlers learn survival skills in these harsh Australian conditions during its early settlement time!

Some years ago, I came up with the idea of a 'Thanksgiving Under the Stars' dinner party, as in November we are entering late Spring/early Summer climates here.  I have held several of these 'feasts' outside under our stars, with the last one celebrated about 2 years ago---when I baked a large ham, and a lamb.  ( In Australia turkey isn't a favoured meat--so never makes the menu that often!)  This was all served with many accompanying vegetables, sauces, gravies, and desserts--I have taught myself to make pumpkin pie from scratch - it's the pioneers and me, Baby! - all laid out on a large table on our front deck.  I had set up the long tables for our friends and family, with candle-light and decorations, and about 16 of us dined and laughed under the stars that night, to good food, good company, maybe some good music, and lots of laughter....it was a fun night- and a chance for us all to give thanks to each other and our extended families. 

So, I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all, and may you all find time somehow, sometime to give thanks to each other!

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