Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This one is just being truly blatant!

For the past few months Chris and I (plus our builder and friend, Warren Rundle, and his great team comprising an electrician, plumber, painter and rubbish container deliverers) have been working on the reconstruction and improvement of our beloved beach-house.  We have decided to sell both of our homes as we wish to move further up north in Queensland to Cairns--even more of  'God's own Country!'.

This renovation stuff has been interesting, sometimes exciting as ideas developed while we looked at rooms and decided what changes needed to be made.  But towards the end--very exhausting for both Chris and I.  Lots of cleaning out--cleaning up--and painting by me of interior cupboards, and polishing of all surfaces.  While I concentrated on the interior of the house, which included new carpeting, new curtains and paint choices and colour design, --Chris took over all the work on the outside yardwork, nature's garden removal, and landscaping--no small task. 

While I painted, scoured, grouted, and cleaned,--Chris carried heavy loads of rubbish, built retaining walls, and mowed, whipper snipped, cut down trees, and planted and designed new gardens and walkways to this three tiered garden surrounding the house! 

But in the end, we stood back and smiled, somewhat exhaustedly - trying to imagine a new family moving into this much loved home, and hopefully feeling the love that we had put into it!

Here's a link to our final project renovation--a great house only blocks from the beach, and holding all sorts of opportunity for even further development choices.  What we did enjoy was the kookaburras, who definitely approved of our work and final results as they sang out at us every day, as we worked away in our little tranquil spot!

  40 Lamberton Street, Yeppoon, Qld 4703  40 Lamberton Street, Yeppoon, Qld 4703

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