Friday, September 17, 2010

OK- Related snake story! This one's for Bobby!

I have always had an extremely vivid imagination, and so my dreams have always been in technicolour--probably blu-ray by now! So, once, when I lived on the farm in Victoria, I dreamt that while walking out to feed the chooks, which led me through a pathway taking me into a tree enclosed walkway, I saw a snake "Disney style" hanging from a tree, wearing a straw hat and sunglasses!

Well this snake not only just hung from that tree, but hissed out: "Yesss...(as he raised his head bending his body towards me in the process) Where are you going, Misssssy? What kind of pressssent do you have for me today?" In my dream, I startled, and started to run as food scraps for my chooks suddenly were thrown up into the air, thinking all the time "That snake just talked to me--Kinda knew me!" Very strange but bad dream!

Anyway, my young brother in-law at the time loved that story and always teased me about the snake--which only made the 'snake in the tree image' stronger for me each day, I even varied my pathway to get to the chook pen each day--sure didn't want a tree hanging snake encounter!

A while later, Victoria was experiencing a mouse plague. I had never lived through one, and quite frankly never want to again! During this plague I was walking out one evening through the intrepid snake hanging walkway, carrying my container of chook scraps--(fruit and vegetable scrapings, etc), when, in the settling dusk night, the ground seemed unusually bumpy and dark. I looked down and Yep! I was walking on mice--lots of them--many of them--swarms of them! Just as in my dream, I screamed--I threw the chook scraps and ran for the house! Yet not one of them yelled out: "Yessssss, Missssy!"

Probably hadn't met my snake yet!


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