Friday, September 3, 2010

Jock and Strap- Part 2

I'll let you in on a secret - don't tell Chris. But the 'boys' and I sneak doggy biscuits when Chris isn't around. Chris is a great dog trainer and disciplinarian. I am his undoing.

But there are lots of times when as a dog, I wouldn't want to lay in the rain, or in the hot sun, or eat yucky dog food---so I sneak treats and let the boys inside the house to escape the harsh summer sun. Not too keen on wet dog smell in the house though--so don't always run to their rescue for that escape---which Strap lets me know about!

Jock is a strange one--he HATES having a bath--despises getting wet, and once he is freshly bathed and smells sweet, he instantly rolls on the lawn and dirt as if to say--'I told you to leave me alone' I have explained earlier that he has an attitude issue--but smelly dog is our issue. Yet if it started to rain and there was a real downpour, Jock dances in it! He loves rain. He barks at the thunder and lightning, and runs around for joy in the rain! He's in his element. Go figure!

Then there's Strap. Strap isn't a massive border collie like Jock. His fur is more like hair, not the thick coat that Jock carries around with him. So when it rains, Strap is miserable. We have tried to give him sheltered areas outside to escape the wet and feel more comfortable, but the look on his face in a good rainy season would break the heart of even the hardest individual. Often he just shelters at the back door, with his head on a largish garden rock (we still can't figure that one out) and snuggles in a somewhat dry zone. He gives us miserable hang dog looks when we go outside, and ignores completely Jock's dances of joy in the rain.

However, when it comes to bath-time, Strap LOVES it! We could hose him and shampoo him forever, and he would just soak it up---after his bath, he is happy for his brushing and proudly shows off his beauty. (On a side note: Strap sleeps on a trampoline--an actual big, human jumping trampoline--Maddie taught him how to jump up on it, and it now belongs to him--his sole usage...his bed.)

It's not that the boys are spoiled, but I don't think they could cope in the real world. To them having a yard of acres to run in, and eating rump steak at night is the norm..we have however, introduced dog food into their diets--replacing the steak little by little with various bits of food--their normal nightly feed consists of about a four variety course of foods--but they're our boys, and they still smile at us each morning, and sit with us at sunset for snuggles when we are there..unconditional love I think it is called....

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